Creative Playdate Episode 21: Interview with Michael Byers

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Episode 21 of Creative Playdate features an interview with Canadian illustrator and super nice guy, Michael Byers. His editorial illustration is whimsical and colorful and always includes a touch of humor - as is Michael, himself. We talk about whether or not we should be properly dressed to take our kids to school and Michael mentions a lot of great writing on creativity that is worth checking out.

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Michael recently created all of the illustrations for an incredible activity book for kids called "SUPERPOWERS! A Great Big Collection of Awesome Activities, Quirky Questions, and Wonderful Ways to See Just How Super You Already Are." I only wish my daughter was old enough to read and write, because it seems like a fun thing for kids to do alone or with their parents or friends.

We also talked about daily drawing and drawing from reference in a way that has inspired me to do more daily drawing and drawing from life. It's easy to get stuck on your image reference but it's nice to let your personality show through in the way you draw things straight from your own mind.

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