Creative Playdate Episode 20: Interview with Francesca Tortora of Doing It For the Kids


You are going to LOVE this episode with Francesca Tortora of Doing It For the Kids (DIFTK)! She has created an incredible community of freelance parents and I only wish she could do some meetup events in the US. We learn about her journey to being a parent, freelance graphic designer and founder of DIFTK.


She speaks about how her work has changed since her son came along and how it's influenced the types of clients she works with. She's had limited childcare in the past and manages to stick (mostly) to a pretty strict schedule with her clients, which has led to more clients who are happy to be more flexible. I also learned a lot about freelance maternity leave in the UK. Whenever I speak to someone out of the country, their maternity leave situation will inevitably make me incredibly jealous.


Frankie talks about the guilt we all feel as freelance parents and how she manages to rein it in whenever possible. 

Be sure to check out the DIFTK blog as well as the Instagram feed and wonderful Facebook Group. And you can see Frankie's graphic design work on her own site. And remember, DIFTK is a collaborative project, so get in touch with Frankie if you think you've got something you'd like to write.

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