Creative Playdate Episode 26: Cultivating Creative Communities with Andrea Pippins


Yes, I realize that there hasn't been a new episode in MONTHS! But here I am. In the episode, I speak more about the lapse in new episodes and announce a relaunch of the show on September 1st of this year. I want to bring you the best content I can create and right now I need a little time to make it great.

I also want to know if you prefer that Creative Playdate have it's own social media accounts or if keeping everything through my own personal, illustration accounts works for you. If you have an opinion on that or on anything else you'd like to see me do with the show, please get in touch any way you like!

On to the episode! Today's interview is with the wonderful illustrator and author, Andrea Pippins. She is passionate about empowering young girls and also about helping us all create our own communities for support and inspiration. She even wrote a book about it, called We Inspire Me.


Andrea recently moved to Stockholm, Sweden ahead of the birth of her son. We talk about what it was like to leave her family when she was about to have a child and how she has been able to find some support and community in a new country. We also talk about her hopes for her son's childhood both in Sweden and anywhere else they may live in the future.


Our conversation really reminded me how important it is to have people around you for support and creative inspiration. We ALL need a creative community around us.

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