Creative Playdate Episode 1: Interview with Lucy Knisley

Creative Playdate is here! 

I've been sitting on this and hinting about it and talking about it and now it is live in the world. Thank you to everyone who has supported the show so far and thank you for listening. If you enjoy it, please be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. The show is also being syndicated at

Episode 1 is an interview with the incredibly talented Lucy Knisley. She is a New York Times Bestselling author, not to mention a prolific cartoonist. Her insightful comics can be found on her website. Together we discuss her use of comics as a way to process the world and, now, to process motherhood and about how difficult it can be to work in the same house as a small child.

©Lucy Knisley

©Lucy Knisley

I can honestly say that I highly recommend ALL of her books and I can't wait for the new ones to come. My personal favorite is Relish, but check them all out here.

A million thanks to Thomas James, who created the theme music to the show (co-written by Jason Ritz).

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