Creative Playdate Episode 24: Steve Folland and Being Freelance

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After chatting with Steve Folland on his podcast Being Freelance last year, I knew I wanted to get him onto Creative Playdate. If anyone is mastering the art of freelancing while parenting, Steve is.


Steve started working freelance full-time when his children were young. We talk about Steve's work and how he managed to take off the entire month of August while his kids were on vacation from school and how sometimes saying no is the best thing for YOU, not just your business.

Steve also talks about when and why he started creating his weekly vlog and how it serves as a journal and sometimes as a very efficient form of therapy.

Photo by Jeremy Freedman

Photo by Jeremy Freedman

I also turn the tables on Steve by asking him for Two Truths and a Lie - something he does with his podcast guests. I think you'll be as shocked as I was!

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